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May 14, 2010


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  • Product Principles
    • Look to the long term
    • An example is that you should always examine the running costs of a purchase as well as the initial costs. Many companies buy a website without understanding the costs involved in keeping it up to date. If you are going to pay the web design company every time you update the content then the running costs will soon become prohibitive. If on the other hand you pay slightly more to get a content management system included in the initial build the running costs will be negligible.

      The same principle applies to product builds. If you are designing a product then define your feature set a few versions in advance. You do not announce these but you bear them in mind. When you code you are not writing these in as they are not yet required, but you are also not coding them out!

    • Automate the third time you do something
    • Appropriate technology
    • Remember just because you have a hammer that does not make everything a nail; there will always be the occassional screw. Just because apps are trendy does not mean you need an app to phone your lawyers.

  • Strategic principles
    • Do the right thing and then do it right
    • Always check the references
    • Arrange that you will easily deliver exactly what you promise
    • Always arrange to over-deliver

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