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September 29, 2012


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I have blogged about the human response to measurement before and I am sure I will again. I am writing now because I am having difficulty doing the right thing.

I have published an eBook about science and I am not measuring it in terms of books sold. I am not measuring it that way as that is not what it is published for. I haveĀ  published it to help kids to understand the world around them in a rational and fun way. I wrote it to help kids who ask why get the answers they want. How many copies sell is surely irrelevant to that?

It is irrelevant to the purpose of the book but it is n0t irrelevant to fulfilling that putpose. If no one buys it no one nreads uit. If no one reads it then it will help no one. I need to start measuring in terms of copies sold to incentivise me to get it known so that people can see it.

I do not want to but I am going to have to.


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