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May 24, 2010


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Potential investors need to consider and understand a variety of concerns.

  • Investment opportunities
  • Trends in the market and in the innovative companies
    • Widgets and apps. These are very popular right now and so companies are basing their propositions around technology that can be applied in an atomic fashion within another website. Ones to watch include IAT.
    • Tying online and the real world together. This is not just augmented reality but includes mobile wallets to use in store, mobile vouchers, Web Analytics tied to non virtual behaviours and a whole host of
      other domain crossovers. Ones to watch include Reward Technology, Agillic, Vouchacha, Mobilize.
  • Understanding available technologies
  • Entrepreneurs and how they function both together and separately
  • Due dilligence
  • The functions of the board

What does Rufus Evison bring to an investment opportunity?

  • Start up company experience. I have been involved in many start up ventures. Only one has failed. I am very good at spotting the pitfalls and helping companies to navigate around them
  • I have a good network of useful contacts and can help create strategic partnerships
  • I provide good strategic direction steering companies towards the larger budgets, the easier wins and greater profitability
  • Where something is seen as a technical imposibility I am very good at reframing the discussion so that it becomes relatively straightforward rather than impossible

For help with any of these contact Rufus Evison

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