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June 13, 2010


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Recommended Companies
Below are a list of companies that I (Rufus Evison) have been involved in on some level or other. This may be as simple as I have been impressed by them and after a little investigation have decided that they are to be recommended or it may be as deep as I am one of the founders. Details of my involvement will generally be found either below or on a page devoted to the company linked to from this page.

FusePump is a business dedicated to the creation, management and utilisation of high-quality product feeds in the eCommerce marketplace. FusePump’s unique technology platforms allow eCommerce companies to rapidly deploy data rich product feeds without the need to utilise internal technical resources.

FusePump operate as a managed services organisation and typically manage client product feeds into the following commercial distribution channels:-

      • Comparison Shopping Engines
      • Automated PPC Campaigns
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • E-mail Marketing
      • Dynamic Display Advertising
      • Google Shopping

FusePump also operates a consulting division which engages in selective bespoke data extraction and web process automation projects.

Imagini is a London-based technology company that developed technology to capture VisualDNA, a means of understanding emotions through images. In 2009, Imagini was granted a patent for its method and system for computerized searching and matching multimedia objects using emotional preference. There are currently two further patents pending for the underlying IP.

    • 5th Tier

Originally founded as Clickstream Technologies, 5th Tier has been through a variety of business models for a fundamentally ground-breaking product. It is renowned as the creator of the first Hybrid method for web analytics.

      • Automated deployment of complex web analytic tagging for major enterprises
      • Enabling ISPs and Telcos to deliver advertising and value added services to mobile browsers, mobile and fixed broadband customers.
      • Enabling hosting companies to deliver ad publishing solutions to SME websites, automatically and easily.

5th Tier currently work in the mobile space tying personal identities to the phones they are using in a privacy friendly manner.

    • Green Cathedral

The company that Clickstream Technologies was spun out of. Green Cathedral started out as a web design and build agency but branched out into several other areas spawning a variety of companies. As a web agency Green Cathedral was consistently in the top 10 whilst I was there and continued to rank highly after my departure. All of the constituent parts of Green Cathedral have now been sold on and the holding company has gone into voluntary liquidation in order to distribute the proceeds.

True Knowledge is building the first internet-scale platform for answering the world’s questions. The goal is to power a new kind of search experience where users can access the world’s knowledge simply by asking for the information they need in a way that is completely natural to them; just as if they were talking to another human being. Instead of a list of links that may or may not be relevant to the query, the user experience is an immediate response giving them the information they are after.

Using a network of private clinics and the latest web-based imaging technologies Global Diagnostics provide GP’s and specialists with consulting facilities and rapid access to scanning and reporting services. Digital images from scanning systems such as MRI, Ultrasound or digital X-ray instruments are transmitted, via secure-web based technology, to a global network of expert radiologists. The radiologists then carry out a clinical diagnosis on-line and return a report, via the same secure web, back to the referring clinician in days or even hours.

The Camtology system allows for sentence-level searches of PDF files and combines text and image searches, thus facilitating the retrieval of information present in tables and figures. It allows the user to generate complex queries for search terms that are related through particular grammatical/semantic relations in an intuitive manner.
The system uses Grid processing to parallelise the analysis of large numbers of papers. Camtology has developed a search and information extraction system which is currently undergoing usability
testing with the curation team for FlyBase1, a $1m/year NIH-funded curated database covering a set of functional genomics.
At the moment Camtology is more a technology than a company. Any investor would probably need to do a full board review and might want to place a team of its own to work with David Sinclair on monetising the business.

    • Cambridge Trishaws

The bicycle taxis in the centre of london first begun life as a venture in Cambridge. The original impetus and thinking came form Simon Lane who was my part we began and who later bought my share of the company. After the move to London Simon sold his share on and started another company in competition. There are now around seven or eight companies providing these kinds of services in and around London. Simon is a born entrepreneur. If you are in London on a sunny day I would reccommend trying one of these out for the experience.

    • HiNet

HiNet is a high tech start-up venture with a secure reporting encryption platform for the wealth management sector. The company mitigates much of the risk by basing its business model on a clear business need, as well as a solid and sustainable recurring revenue model. It operates in the niche high value segment of this sector.
HiNet was a useful and happening technology which failed to acheive either funding or sales. The company is currently mothballed pending further developments.

It is worth noting that this is not an exhaustive list of companies that I have taken a real interest in. For example eNetSale is not listed here as after the trade acquisition it effectively ceased to be and is not a particularly interesting example of an online commerce and auction company. As it was not particularly groundbreaking and is not now illustrative there is no particular reason to discuss it.

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