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September 16, 2010

My companies

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This page will include a nearly full list of companies I have been involved in.

I am currently potentially involved in these:

  • Your Event

I have been involved in or am currently actually involved in the following:

  • EYC
  • Reward Technology
  • Switch Concepts
  • Secure Virtual
  • Starfish 360
  • The NCT (National Childbirth Trust)
  • Global Diagnostics
  • Evi (Formerly True knowledge)
  • 5th Tier (formerly Clickstream Technologies Plc)
  • Media Wizard
  • eNetSale
  • Green Cathedral
  • FusePump
  • SyncFu (*)
  • Analytics Guru
  • ROI Products (*)
  • Camtology
  • Cambridge Trishaws
  • The Shit-Hot Clothing company
  • HiNet
  • IAT
  • ABCe
  • Consulta Informatica
  • The Radical Company

(*)ROI products produced a product that automated the insertion of code into web pages.SyncFu was an innovative social commerce play that never managed to manage the handover form founders to board (they did not wish to relinquish control). Whilst the companies were not successful no external share-holder investment was lost in either venture. As my only failures I feel they deserve a special mention as there is real insight to be had from failure. Neither really made it to the stage of actually being proper companies as they were never complete and never got as far as trying to trade.

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