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September 27, 2010


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The following companies are open to investment. This may mean that they are actively looking or simply that they would know what to do with additional monies in order to speed their growth.


    • Reward TechnologyReward Technology has an innovative┬ácoupon delivery engine which allows targeted delivery of coupons to the customer at point of purchase. Currently working in partnership with third party analytics and loyalty companies to supply the targeting required by a full solution product. Reward Technology has just completed first round funding and is not seeking funding right now. I would not rule out further funding to speed growth.
    • SyncFu

Sync-Fu is a social media group buying phenomenon. It allows groups of people to gather using social media (and the Sync-Fu widget) and get the ability to get group discounts on products and services. NB SyncFu has ceased to be due to a disagreement amongst the foreign board members.

    • HiNet

HiNet is a high tech start-up venture with a secure reporting encryption platform for the wealth management sector. The company mitigates much of the risk by basing its business model on a clear business need, as well as a solid and sustainable recurring revenue model. It operates in the niche high value segment of this sector.

HiNet was a useful and happening technology which failed to acheive either funding or sufficient sales for organic growth. The company is currently mothballed pending further developments.

HiNet is actively seeking first round investment.

    • Camtology

The Camtology system allows for sentence-level searches of PDF files and combines text and image searches, thus facilitating the retrieval of information present in tables and figures. It allows the user to generate complex queries for search terms that are related through particular grammatical/semantic relations in an intuitive manner.

The system uses Grid processing to parallelise the analysis of large numbers of papers. Camtology has developed a search and information extraction system which is currently undergoing usability
testing with the curation team for FlyBase1, a $1m/year NIH-funded curated database covering a set of functional genomics.

Camtology is actively seeking investment either from business angels or from a first round of venture capital.

    • Clickstream Technologies

Clickstream Technologies has been through a variety of business models for a fundamentally groundbreaking product. It is renowned as the creator of the first Hybrid method for web analytics.

      • Automated deployment of complex web analytic tagging for major enterprises
      • Enabling ISPs and Telcos to deliver advertising and value added services to mobile browsers, mobile and fixed broadband customers.
      • Enabling hosting companies to deliver ad publishing solutions to SME websites, automatically and easily.

Following the recent segregation of Clickstream into these three streams there is oportunity for injvestment to accelerate the growth of any of the three areas. I am not certain but I suspect that the investment can be made into each separately.

If any of these opportunities are of interest or you are interested in finding out more about the oportunities that never reach these pages do get in touch.

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