The following are entrepreneurs who really know what they are about. They are in one of the following states:

  • Looking for investment for a new venture
  • Looking to partner for a new venture (either their’s or yours)
  • Looking to invest
  • Offering consultancy
  • Keeping up with what is going on on the front line

In whatever state they are, they are usually responsive to contacts, so if you would like an introduction then contact me.

      John Wood


      Mohammad Ahmadabadi


      David Sinclair


      Lee Ward-Brown


      Robert Durkin


      Simon Lane


      William Tunstall-Pedoe


      Neal Gandhi


      Nigel Quine

Brewster Barclay

The following people are “start-up friendly”. That is to say they are willing to take the risk (subject to due dilligence) of working for a start-up for the right mixture of cash, share options and equity.

‘Vibhu Mohindra’
Susi O’Neil